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These 3 #octoplumsAoAndon‘s are still available on the @cluttermagazinewebsite 💙

just search Octoplum into their search if you are interested 💙 people ask me quite a lot why they can’t find my sculptures for sale on my redbubble or my etsy. So here’s some hopefully helpful info for people who are interested in my work 💕 So I can’t put sculptures on redbubble, redbubble is a website purely for prints. Art prints, T-shirts, pillows, clocks, mugs and many more items with images printed on, that’s all the company do. I will always announce on Instagram if I put something new in my etsy, although sometimes when I independently do a sculpture (independently meaning, when it’s not made for a gallery exhibition) sometimes they don’t make it to etsy because someone will write to me first, this is only something I accept if it’s a large pricey sculpture. With nipple brooches and small sculptures I never reserve them or keep them aside, its first come first served once in the etsy shop and they sell fast! I always make nipples in small batches. When I make more nipples I will announce a date and time they go live.
Recently, the past 3 projects I’ve done, Ao Andon with @cluttermagazine#octoplumsvenus with @havengallery and my most recent piece ‘Abigails love Song’ also with haven, were all specifically for exhibitions, so ofcourse sell through them. Although Venus and Abigail have sold, you can always contact haven gallery and ask to be put on my collectors list for future pieces. Please note that my one of a kind sculptures take a lot of time to make so they are not something that will be readily available in numbers because I usually need a few months to make a piece, this is very intensive work so I also take breaks, so I don’t go mad :’) Please note as well that I do not do any commissions anymore, only my own work or exhibition work. I’ll be taking a small break from gallery work and in that time I’d like to focus on a personal project 🙂 so keep a look out for if I bring back my famous #octonipple#octoplumnipple‘s and I have a few unfinished sculptures that need finishing xx


octoplumSeen some photos from the show at @cluttermagazine gallery already and it looks so cool, wish I could see it in person man!!! 💕💕💕 really is an honour for me to be in a show with these guys🌹
it was the first time i ever had to do anything like this, quite nerve wracking, but fun as well!

Esty shop update.

Nipple brooches are currently sold out, please stay tuned for future updates! don’t worry you’ll get other chances 💕💕

Or click here for my designs available now on Redbubble

Sorry not doing commissions, but do please feel free to email enquiries to